Hidden Mineral and Mining Opportunities
are the hidden wealth to prospect for in today's Nanotech times.
From a professional magazine writer photographer with a proveable list of professional credits

Yesterday, on a date that might be remembered as Economic Imfany for dangerously launching an out of balance Trade War, in conflict with World Trade Organization standards, our parent publishing "empire" of www.MiningMagazines.com was able to download the FOIA Harmonized Tariff Schedule (2019 Revision 6) recently imposed on Chinese imported products.

Which may have accidentally disclosed why the USFS Waldport, Oregon District Ranger "Blue Left" administrator with a respected Latino name for having a very good local reputation for 'tree hugging' oxygen producing tree farm growth, was so very hastily replaced after the "voice of the popular voters" was restricted by "Red Right, but wrong" gerrymandered boundaries.

Which is why runaway liberal daisy train wrecks, caused by off the track conservative voter signal lights, was so suddenly replaced by "Right Tide" spoils system Secretary and Bureau-level appointments that promised to do a much needed Superfund cleanup of the Dismal Foggy Bottom Swamp! Starting with getting rid of the "Special Interest Alligators!" that actually benefit from kicking the can of economic lies about our National Debt down the road.

So far, the needed shake-everything-up idea has only added SuperPAC paid crocodiles, that are costing even more www.WesternMiner.com "blue hat, hard rock, more skilled, underground miners" heritage jobs replaced by EB-5 Green Card Investment Workers. And somehow, all the supportive "red neck soft coal" Eastern Miner voters are even deeper into economic hardship because of MEGA corporate tax breaks funding expensive automation equipment for the sole purpose of laying off even more workers, to support shareholder benefits with deflating in purchasing value paper, or blockchain credits at risk to foreign hackers pulling the plug on a supercomputer programmer who nobody seems to know who, what, why, or where he is.

The evidenced for this, besides the hilarious unfairness of yet-another "Not my-fault!" Executive Decision to practice economic brutality, which has already be shown to be costly to small business American Independent Entrepreneurs in the natural resources business, dealing with the real depression proof wealth of the Earth of the basic needs of survival of "assets grown, collected, harvested; and strong shelter protection from flash wave flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and catastrophic wildfires, which by necessity is mined. The unpatriotic explanation of what is happening has already been blamed on China, a well deserved liar Bill Clinton, and of course, "the fake news Hawaiian immigrant" Obama!

These carefully engineered tariffs to pay back SuperPac supporters are already costing what is left of the US Hard Rock Mining and Machinery Manufacturing Industry, which has not been free-traded away for Board of Director and CEO pump and dump "Golden Parachute Profits".

I think the Science Disbeliever Wars over soft rock "Clean Coal" is, in fact, connected to a global, carbon-based fuel, total hostile takeover bid of old fashioned energy. Already this "monopolistic force" has been contributing in the loss of a take-home income, and local taxes that help keep worker's public schools somewhat functioning, provided they do not present classes on how wage slaves can avoid becoming a credit default swap victims.

And, without any doubt inventor, manufacturer, businessman because he has to be in creative control, Elon Musk is a TARGET for the "candy store**" SEC sueing for merely suggesting in a Tweet he was thinking of going private (to avoid excess reporting endangering his trade secrets) about homeowner approved, competitive priced, solar "tab" roofing. And his electric cars; his tunneling machine for underground commuter train transportation; and his incredible recycling of launce rockets which could be used to establish communication satellites, outside of what is becoming THREAT privatization of the no longer free First Amendment Internet.

Recognizing that uncensored Free Speach still works through small interlinked networked (CO-OP) partnerships as ECO-Housing-America.com that it is still possible that through a natural harmonizing nanotech survivability healing of a balanced clean air reversal of the effects of Global Warming / Climate Change if 98% of the population gets mad, or smart, enough to take care of their own PERSONAL "life at risk" problems.

Which has now arrived at my possibly equally misunderstand explanation of how small individual investors could become a part of a green mining, smart startup movement, by buying a uniform value FoamKrete™ ton, in place, backed by millions of tons of Nepheline Syenite that has a known affordable home building wildfire and waterproof survivability, as documented, below, click to read 68-page 36 CFR 228.4 - Plan of operations - Notice of Intent - filed last July, which has been illegally CFR "ghosted" into cyber nothingness. Which may have been the only way the FDA could handle a hard to answer environmental request without "SOMEONE" actually signing the official (US)FS -2800-5 OMB NO. 0596-0022 for return delivery by registered mail, with an understandable YES/NO/ MAYBE, answer.

This oversite of a simple routine matter, of almost zero surface disturbance of existing quarries that would not have to deal with tailing piles as everything mined underground, is holdinga marketable product. The silly delay to trick me into being the fraud for preselling something which cannot be delivered right now, has already cost a dedicated $5 million in start-up funding to make the flow through from my www. ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net >> sold by the in-place ton for $20, so others can start-up www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com >> and the Research and Development of the evolving nanoscience of www.ECO-Foam-Krete.com validation, in part for deposit in www.ECO-Mined-Coin.com >> and/or the retail distribution of www.FoamKrete.com, before the "best-kept secret of clean air peralkaline Nepheline Syenite Cement with solar silica becomes a required part of building www.ECO-Housing-America.com self-contained, off-grid "Solar Villages" across a climate change challenged independent US that doesn't need tariff protection.

Take a look at these "safe" Internet network credentials, and come back to understand how a local USFS Forest Ranger standing in the way of free enterprise progress, was tripped up by the published tariff for Nepheline Syenite mineralization having a US documented value, other than what is advertised on Alababa.com for $250 per ton FOB China.

... Containing modern ideas to build affordable housing for those burned, or flooded out by Climate Change. There is an answer.


Not that long ago I did receive a "personal letter" stating a "personal opinion" about the not yet answered official filing of my FS-8000-5 Form, presented below, from the USFS District Ranger who was supposed to sign-off on a routine Surface Disturbance on two of the existing Nepheline Syenite quarries on Table Mountain that the Bureau of Mines, the US Geological Survey, and the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Minerals Industries to have a proven 500 Million tons of uniform valued ore, where I consider 250,000,000 tons as underground safe mine-able. And understand that this is a very conservative proven calculation without drilling deeper on the underground "Pipe, or Sill" *** of what is most likely is a inferred as a deep-seated Batholith of very old rock, going to great depth. Perhaps at almost sea level where electric ore carts directly off-load onto a sea-going barges.

With my permission, the USFS had contracted with the Koch Industries' Georgia Pacific open pit quarry covering a neighboring small part of a "School land" Section 36 (which had not come with underground mineral rights) operating today mining Oregon's Nepheline Syenite *** as a common variety road material.

Thankful to have an existing Forest Service road running across my claims, I too had told a previous USFS Mining Manager that I was more than happy to donate uncovered Nepheline Syenite to do my part in keeping the commercially used Tidewater to Toledo logging road open for business serving one of the five USFS mandated mission uses, like recreation, watershed protection, and mining.

My response in the spirit of a private/public partnership may have been a mistake. Having been in the in the mineral exploration business for 60 years, with harmonious and happy relationships with the USFS, or BLM owning/managing the surface resources, and I personally operating before on below the surface Mining Law of 1872 mineral resources, the following "Ranger Response" to a nearly net zero surface disturbance, had me as a nationally recognized freelance magazine writer/photographer, with credits in LIFE, Holiday, Chemical Week, Economic Currents, etc., speechless, without a logical response, other than suing someone for their abuse of the English language.

Fortunately, the Trump administration came along with their impossible 50 percent tariff on importing mining specialized equipment to "protect" a US industry already sold-off overseas for a quick flip profit, which I can comment about without being sued for liable. Which makes as much sense as making America Great Again by going BACKWARD by the use of gibberish, as follows:

  • "This [Waldport District Ranger] letter is in response [to the] economic value ... attributable to the unique property of the deposit. From what can be gathered from your proposal, the material you are interested in is a common variety under Forest Service regulations and is subjected to disposal. "
  • "The Forest Service recognizes that you may have identified what you believe are special or unique values and/or uses for the material. However, because this proposal addresses mineral materials, the Forest Service cannot evaluate your proposal under the U.S. mining laws [?]or locatable mineral authorities at 36 CFR 228 Subpart A.
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact Jared Richey at jrichey@fs.ed.us or at 541-
    District Ranger"

What is worse than not being able to communicate effectively, is to use Sarah Huckabee Sanders misdirection ploy of lying by omission, or not remembering how a collusion works..

1) 36 CFR 228 Subpart A deals with decorative landscaping rock. Whereas USDA 228.42 specifically designates Alumino-silicates for a cement admixture. And Metalic Silica or clays for glass and ceramics. And other manufacturing products as a taconite binder, and a rock wool insulation with 2x the 'R' value of a well known and marketed brand.

2) As for the "subjected to disposal suggestion", was this a ploy to discourage me not to pay the annual Bureau of Land Management "rental" fee for 32 Nepheline Syenite 20 acre claims registered as "Locatable Minerals" with the Bureau of Land Management. As I have been paying almost $5,000 per year and filing $3,200 in Assessment Work to meet the State of Oregon Regulations, they might too object to what you have independently stated about economic value.

3) And speaking about the Department of the Interior decisions as to the value of this "common variety" rock how is it that you ignored that their Strategic Metals List was recently updated to a Critical Metals List for Alumina and Rare Earths content.

4) As I will be following this protest with the recent import Tariff List that validates a lot of separate elements shown in the comparison graphic for the Nepheline Syenite to > America Market, which only applies to 3M, and Oregon's start-up of Table Mountain, that already has a location, location advantage to protect local jobs -- if, and when this 80-year old prospector* -- ever gets his minimal surface impact (US)FS -2800-5 Plan of Action approved.

The plan was written to address Oregon treehuggers concerns, as me, followed competitor Unimin of Norway's lead of going underground because there is no room or need for a wasteful tailing pile. And that when crushed to gravel size Nepheline Syenite tends to "cement up" when exposed to moisture. A handy thing for 3M using on their fee simple lands where they have been activating common variety Si02 /Al203 roads laid directly on bare earth, forms a better-paved road than my Scottish great-something-or-other Scottish Grandfather MacAdam's asphalt.

At the very least Ranger Jones should have done some homework reading the CFR sections of a USFS publication of Antomy of a Mine from Prospect to Production.

Take a look about the raise of Nepheline Syenite in importance

Having been in the in the mineral exploration business for 60 years, with many harmonious and happy operating relationship with the USFS, or BLM owning/managing the surface resources, and supporting Mining Law of 1872 case history for operating on mineral rights below the surface --- the local District Ranger's illegal response to a nearly net zero surface disturbance, had for a stunning moment left me, as being a nationally recognized magazine writer/photographer, without any words but, "But, but, and but"!

That is until the Trump administration came along with an impossible 50 percent tariff on importing mining specialized equipment to "protect" a US industry sold-off overseas, years ago for a quick flip profit. Which makes as much sense as the following USDA "Trust me, NO VALUE," judgement that has just been reversed by an establishing of a "fair trade?" Import Tax targeting Chinese Nepheline Syenite.

As announced on the published tariff list the established tariff values paid for importing the almost exact chemistry of Nepheline Syenite is being sold on Alibaba.com for $250 per ton. SO SORRY, Mister Cash register Cha-ching, that works out as an "Aluminous (FoamKrete™) Cement being import taxed at $11 per ton alone. The calculated Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) by itself, and a Silicia Dioxide (Si02) are both valued at $11 per ton for Import Tax reasons. Additional "Common Variety" Silicon Sand Aggregate, used to replace "recycled coal fly ash collected from power generation smokestacks" in an AAC of CLC cement formula, is simply listed at 30%.

But, DONT WORRY, China, I am sure that as CANADA and MEXICO that have been free trade exporting Nepheline Syenite to us, they would be more than glad to level the playing field by paying your fair share of pass it along to unprotected consumers.

What cannot be calculated in the formula are the Rare Earths elements of Nepheline Syenite, as Congress closed down the US Bureau of Mines research facility in Albany, Oregon, for cost savings, whose recognization was the beginning of FoamKrete™! The sad part is that Rare Earths were not listed as having a protective tariff, thanks to an "engineered" Union Carbide bankruptcy (which 60 Minute's Leslie Stahl just could not understand) we no longer have a verifiable source of these unique minerals to build hybrid engines. Which is why China recently played the "fun and easy Trade War Game: of slapping a 25% Export Tariff on Rare Earths needed to build electric cross over motors". I know where to look in Idaho for Rare Earths, but why bother?.

The RIA "professional spreadsheet" Business Plan had a delivered to a local barge/railhead/ port for $90, which would have left a lot of room for competition against stick built homes. Unfortunately, the use of nepheline syenites to somewhat protect asphalt (flammable) roofing gravels were not on a CFR "clear listed use". Something 3M does not have to worry about was their deposit in Arkansas was on private land.

I recovered the claims in the nasty dissolution of their company built on Arab, Chinese, and scammy "English Prime Bank Tranches". And then set out, at just the right time collecting enough breakthrough University Level White Paper research following the development of factory-built AAC concrete, to CLC on-site Cellular Lightweight Concrete tip-up construction, and then to working through an Estonian library on the "proprietary" Russian activation formula that has been used to 3D print very reasonably priced homes.

It is not known if any tariff may be applied to protect what little Rare Earth's are in Nepheline Syenite FoamKrete, but China and I are just a little disturbed with a 50% tariff on the Nepheline Syenite mining equipment no US offers anymore. I need what China has reverse engineered from a European cartel who still holds a European only patent for Russian 3D printing technology operating in Texas, supposedly, for Roxell Nepheline having a patent for a nozzle used to spin rock wool as if it was cotton candy.

Everything stated here is doubled down in a "save the trees" USFS Plan of Action I filed in July, according to the Cornell School of Law reading of CFR 224.4, is Proving that the US Forest Service ignoring, by "ghosting" a required, filed, CFR form, is actionable.

And that as it seems to have disappeared into a spoofed La La Land, perhaps being illegally made available for lease for the benefit of America's second largest private shell company conglomerate in un-fair FTC competition, with five different reasons to be trashed, may be worth looking into again, in an unnatural but economically profitable private land clear cut showing under FS-2800-5 title, where all may be explained in detail by a click of a mouse on this button cover.

Proving that the US Forest Service ignoring , by "ghosting" a required, filed, CFR form, is a legal actionable.procedure.

This official filed publication of 72 pages, not counting attached official USGS, Bureau of Mines, State of Oregon Department of Geology and Minerals Industry, and private industry geological reports, is a difficult read. Plus feasibility study business plans, and detailed geological reports which also would take some time to do a due diligence study of a traditional spreadsheet to make a valid investing decision, to override Ranger Jone's personal two page judgment of "no economic value" which has no real "Science Disbelivers" support to validate the reality of the situation.

Not even at a less than "common variety" value of $1; which for 250 million tons of blocked out, proven ready to mine nepheline syenite ore which would calculate to be, of course, $250,000,000, plus a retained 2% royalty. This would work well taking half of www.ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net ($ 125,000, 000 into a natural resources master limited partnership (MLP) business venture that exists in the form of a publicly traded limited partnership without going through the IPO process which nobody trusts anymore to fair.  

To protect my retirement with a working royalty, protecting individuals $20 per tons mining rights. please do not make a finder's fee offer of "buying" an operating gold mine for a no-money-down mistake. Investors still on the lower rungs of success may find a quicker way up the ladder by taking a self-managed risk in the flow-through proposals in the evolving nanoscience of www.ECO-Foam-Krete.com validation; or a start-up www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com which will operate on a "costs plus 10%, including amortization of equipment; and the power of a temporary holding company of a www.ECO-Mined-Coin.com; before the individual owner takes a payday at www.FoamKrete.com --- or continuing on to help build his own home in a suburban www.ECO-Housing-America.com village associated with a new affinity industry as a call center, business service, food truck center, book publishing, etc. co-op.

But, to protect from finding myself, just as Elon was trapped into paying off an SEC blackmail lawsuit for an alleged fraud of delayed delivery, l have to fight back. Since anything I have sold by the ton to individuals covered by a Bill of Sale Reciept and Service Contracts to deliver a processed non-patentable product, which is not considered security. So, since my promise of production has been held up by a single USFS District Ranger, I am forced to use public opinion against Mega Corporate style sabotage and collusion, using Roger Stones Playbook of Dirty Tricks, as a "Science Disbeliever ploy" for financial advantage.

As an incentive to wait for the musical chairs march coming in the 2020 visionary Blue Wave replacing a toxic Red Tide, I personally, as the one single signer mining claim holder for now, will double my "buy the ton" offer of today, adding a reward for patience a "free" second ton unit, which must be used by individual investors coming together to help jump-start either www.ECO-Foam-Krete.com, or www.ECO-Mining-Milling.com , or www.FoamKrete.com.

Yes, at retirement age I am angry. And want out the responsibilities of hands-on management.But if enough of my "Investor believer" friends want to join me, we can , perhaps file a class action legal complaint together, against MICHELE JONES, as an Individual for her individual actions because:

  • A) Since the 1872 claims were staked, for validation, in Oregon's Lincoln County Courthouse. The same jurisdiction for validating the Mining Claims Annual Assesment work, inviting a Contract Breach of Promise Suit upon a before 1905 USFS service that did not have an earned-in position in duly filled claim form documents;
  • B) And Oregon is still protecting its Pioneer Miners Rights with a 2017 Oregon Revised Statute 517.133¹ which relates to Interfering with a mining operation where;
    (1)As used in this section, “lawful mining operation” means any small scale mining operation that is in full compliance with state and federal laws.
    (2) A person commits the crime of interfering with a mining operation if the person intentionally:
    (a)Interferes with a lawful mining operation; or
    (b)Stops, or causes to be stopped, a lawful mining operation.
    (3) Interfering with a mining operation is a Class C misdemeanor. [1999 c.354 §6]

And just to warn you that I too have been a target through the laxness of the Trump's FTC, and FCC, I too have had to scramble to protect myself from an SEC lawsuit for fraud, just as our leading scientific mind, Elon Musk, who decided not to waste his creative time, frivolously away in court by paying the ransom Wall Street wanted. So, if you have anything forward-looking about that, here is a new "two-step Contact Me" splash screen.

Give this 'Contact Me' revival a try. and if you do not connect, use the telephone, or my POB number.

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A term first invented by USA Today that I as the Editor of  "borrowed"  to validate that a professional Journalist was responsible for telling the truth.

As MiningMagazines.com in the support of Green Answers for our industry has been searching for an answer to the manufacturing Portland Cement, which happens to be the second largest contributor to greenhouse gasess. We at IndustrialMetals.org are prospecting for the minerals that made a Geopolymer True "Roman Cement" that was so superior for building docks, bridges, and the dome of the Pantheon, without the use of re-bar, that lately has been proven to be the rusted cause of failure of so many "dense cement" projects today.

As the breaking news is continually changing [ Patagonian Ice Field the world's second largest contiguous extrapolar field, of great importance to FoamKrete™ research scientests ] just broke into two pieces , we decided to leave the following intact to alieviate any search enginge 404 errors.

A term first invented by USA Today that I as the Editor of  "borrowed"  to validate that a professional Journalist was responsible for telling the truth.

The visual banner headline represents a soft rock coal catalyst carbon-based concrete , vs: a newly "discovered and identified" Si02 hard rock Silicon Dioxide, High Purity (SiO2) Silica Sand which when mixed and activated by a Alumina slurry delivers an expanding as it cures nano concrete where an equal sized screened aggregate (without ordinary gravel and rocks) binds together with a super strength that really doesn't need re-bar. Read the bureaucratic USFS form FS 2008-5 Plan of Operation, for ECO-Mining-Milling and FoamKrete™ below, presently in limbo, on how both the Russian and Chinese are so far ahead of us in concrete that they are using an Nepheline Geopolymer CLC Concrete to 3D print affordable housing without re-bar.

A term first invented by USA Today that I as the Editor of  "borrowed"  to validate that a professional Journalist was responsible for telling the truth.

Know that I, the publisher of MiningMagazines.com (that includes this publication) has always been on the side of the small industrial minerals operators since www.TheProspector.com was dealing with Idaho Rare Earths and Titanium disasters through the PAC Congress closing of the Bureau of Mines Research Facility in Albany that only benefited Teledyne Wah Chang. Which, later of course, damaged US competition with Chinese trade concerning the production of automotive electric motors.

This was before Canica-Jaques selected my advertising agency to help take a VSI rock crusher which went from number 19 in a field of 20, to number one worldwide inside of seven years, before it was sold out to those "T-Rex" international people where the brand disappeared.

I mention this for the simple reason of having been in the mineral resources business since the Moab Uranium Rush of '55, I often ran into resistance to forward looking ideas when visiting quarries to do a video web ad of how they were doing by my asking on camera questions.

As a prospector, I was curious about the chemistry of their variety of "super-pave spec" feedstock they we sending down the road as aggregate, might also have contained in a matrix-based classification? This, from knowing that in the 1980's run-up of gold prices that a sand and gravel operation out of Sacramento became the largest operating gold mine in California by adding a simple module in their flow-sheet.

A term first invented by USA Today that I as the Editor of  "borrowed"  to validate that a professional Journalist was responsible for telling the truth.

The reason the locked Adobe PDF is appearing as super-editorial matter is to show that even a totaly GREEN NEW DEAL Plan of Action, in total compliance with the Mining Law of 1872, somehow isn't enough to override the socialistic, almost communistic, deep state climate disbelieving bureaucrats (both red and blue) who think they are in control of our nations mineral wealth. Especially when flapping their lips to show that they do not know the difference between a mine and a hole-in-the-ground.

I am flapping my 80-year old lips right back suggesting that if you really believe in a free enterprise "lazy fair" system, favoring the small businessman, we really need to counter Super-PAC money, with placing a dollar here, a dollar there bet on candidates who might just win in 2020 when a selfish Red Tide, is washed away by an almost a equally corrupt (?) Blue Wave who will be obligated, at least for the moment, to honor our long-established Rules of Laws, as the frontier contracts as the Homestead Act, and the Mining Law of 1872, and their own CFR's, which businessman depend upon as Code of Federal Regulations which the USDA climate change deniers seem to be ignoring in favor of BIG Business / BIG Coal.

A term first invented by USA Today that I as the Editor of  "borrowed"  to validate that a professional Journalist was responsible for telling the truth.

This long time Table Mountain mining claim holder has been personally attacked by a local District USDA Forest Ranger who thinks that at the least two, or more, of the CFR approved and clear listed mineral commodities on the Department of the Interior List of Critical Minerals, are only a common variety and therefore without value.

So she held up an almost unnecessary surface disturbance signing due by October 23, 2018. Which had the result of stopping the flow of funding COLD, needed to underground mine the CFR clear listed Alumino-Silicates that Russia has been using for years as a $322 per ton replacement to Bauxite in manufacturing Aluminum.

As the Table Mountain Peralkaline (Cement Grade) Nepheline Syenite is a larger Alumino-Silicates deposit than what 3M owns in New Mexico, that also contains the Rare Earths necessary for strength. And apparently, as 3M is still a US Company with PRIDE, they have no permitting problems. There are no other commercial sources in America, except for importing the same chemical bundle from China at $250 per ton, FOB, or the Canadian/Norweign free traded monopoly that hides their trade secrets behind numbers, as the supported TSX Nepheline Syenite itself cannot be patented. And where US mining professionals, even on an American owned property somehow cannot qualify for a TSX 43-101 certification.

So, if I do not get an overdue sign-off (or an honest denial) of FS-2800-5, with clear and provable explanations, soon, my intent is to sue Ranger Jones under Oregon State Law 2017 ORS 517.133 for personally as an individual Interfering with an Oregon Mining Operation.I need, besides having additional public voices with a MiningDistrictsForum, is to find start-up company, with enough clout, and in-house lawyer, that could take advantage of my undeserved situation where Ranger Jones dosent want to let a 80-year old Prudant Man Prospector take a well earned returement.

Take over management of everything -- other than what the $20 per ton FoamKrete™ investors own --- by signing a 2% gross royalty miners lease, paid after milling, with an up-front, and minimum annual royalty payment to keep everything fair and working... so I can hang up my pick and retire! After this old prospector goes after a few things I have almost forgotten about! This game isn't fun anymore. I want to go back to publishing at www.BannerBooks.com, as:

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